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Good condition with no chips or cracks. The overall
height of the lamp is about 14 inches. There are a few
pinpoint flaws in the enameled coating .
NOTE: The  
base is not completely original.
The original base had damage to the feet. We cut off the
broken feet and ground the rough edges from
underside of the base.
(Click here to see the base
photo).   It was important to use part of the original base
because the top of the original base is specially molded
from a 1920's celluloid dresser jar to dress the original
(Click here to see ring).
The construction was completed with the addition of a
glass base from a 1920's wall lamp.
(Click here to see
new added glass base).The three pieces fit together
securely without any glue or epoxy. We painted the new
base and the ring with black glass paint to match the
original base top. The three pieces were then firmly
secured utilizing only the original brass light fixture on
which we left the original cloth electrical cord. The result
is a new secure base that is far more elegant looking
than the original.  However, since the base is not
original, we have priced it far below prices listed for this
lamp which you can see by simply doing a search for
the title shown above.
$450.00 Free shipping in continental U.S.A.(Item C409)

Click here for left view.        Here for back view.       Front
Shade base.        Close up shade base.